Attorney Taranto provides counsel in complex divorces and in post-divorce proceedings involving modification of judgments, contempt and removal complaints.

Divorce is an emotionally charged process that can be extremely contentious and tiring. It is critical to choose an attorney who concentrates in Pre-Divorce Planning who is skilled in negotiation and understands the laws, your rights, and the options available to best protect them. And, when an equitable settlement can not be reached, that attorney should have the trial experience necessary and will not hesitate to try the case if warranted. Our firm works hard to provide legal counsel to families and individuals in Salem, MA.

Child Support and Alimony

Attorney Taranto understands the complexities and interplay of child support, the basic needs of the children, and alimony, when appropriate, in order to maintain an essential standard of living after a divorce. In all of this, Attorney Taranto is able to strike a balance between these needs and the financial hardships that may arise.

Modifications of Prior Judgments

When a material change in the circumstances of the parties has occurred, whether it be support, visitation, or custody, Attorney Taranto is experienced and aware of the required standards necessary to modify a prior judgment and provides counsel prior to any filing of a complaint for modification.


Oftentimes one party fails to honor their obligations whether it be child support, alimony, or preventing a party from seeing their children. Attorney Taranto will vigorously pursue the matter through the courts until resolution.