What to do and not to do during divorce

September 19, 2018 11:22 am

People tend to say or do things they later regret in the heat of the moment and during the divorce process, there is no shortage of those moments. However, what you say and do can have large consequences on you later and specifically the outcome of your divorce. Here is a simple list of some of the major Divorce Do’s that can help you out through the process and alleviate some stress, along with a sample of some important Dont’s

  • DO try to cooperate with your ex. It makes the process not only quicker but much smoother as well.
  • DO fully disclose all your assets. The worst thing you can do is try to hide something and have it come out later.
  • DO consult an attorney. You should make arrangements for consultations with a few different attorneys. Make sure you do your research and don’t just pick the first one!
  • DO your own research on the divorce process
  • DO collect your own financial documents. Your legal fees won’t be as high if you collect and organize your own financial documents (bank statements, tax information etc.)
  • DO what your attorney asks of you as quickly as possible! Taking a long time to comply with your attorney (or not complying at all) will not only drag out the process taking more time and money, but it could also harm your chances of a divorce settlement in your favor or even result in your attorney no longer working with you.


  • DON’T lash out at your ex or your children. I know it can be hard, but keeping your cool is very important. This includes social media!
  • DON’T violate any custody/visitation arrangements with your children because it will make it much harder in court for you to get the arrangements you would like.
  • DON’T hide your money or property. This will drag out the process and may even lead to your ex taking you back to court.

This post was written by Maria Tilkens