Fall Activities

August 22, 2018 12:25 pm

The kids are starting to go back to school and that can only mean one thing: Fall is approaching full speed!

Whether you’re currently going through a divorce, in the process of filing or just getting your ducks in a row in order to file, you have to make sure the kids come first. Fall is a great time of year for family bonding before the crazy Christmas time hits. Here are some great things to do with your little ones this fall (that they’ll love!) and won’t break the bank either.

1. Apple picking; Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities. It’s a great way to get outside and walk around on a nice day and it gets your kids excited about eating healthy (nothing better than picking the apple yourself!). There are various different orchards in the surrounding Salem area to choose from and many (like my personal favorite Russel Orchard) have farm animals and picnic areas as well. It’s a whole days event at the farm!

2. Make home-made apple pies; Take some of those fresh apples and whip up a pie (or two!) from scratch! Recipes are easy to find outline and kids love being included in the kitchen. Plus you can make multiple and freeze them, un-baked, to have all year!

3. Pumpkin picking; This is just another excuse to get outside and go to the farm. Although many apple orchards also have pumpkins, getting your pumpkins another day gives you an excuse to go back to the farm (or another farm this time, they are sooo many!) Besides, don’t you want to wait until closer to Halloween to carve your pumpkins anyways so they don’t rot?

4. Pumpkin carving; Although you can totally carve a pumpkin inside, you might want to make this an outdoor activity as well! Jack o’ lanterns with candles can be dangerous, so I suggest small LED “flicker” lights. They can be purchased for only a couple dollars at the Walgreens, Walmart, or Target and even change colors. Plus now that you’ve got your pumpkins, you can bake your pumpkin seeds with butter and salt for a snack!

5. Corn Maze; Corn mazes are lots of fun! Connors Farm in Danvers has a great one. You can do the regular corn maze during the day, the flashlight corn maze at night, or even the haunted corn maze (not recommended for small children).

This post was written by Maria Tilkens