Social Media: What is okay to post?

July 26, 2018 5:10 pm

The short answer is nothing…nothing is okay to post. Divorce is an emotional roller coaster and in the heat of the moment you are going to want to let off some steam on facebook, twitter, Instagram (or whatever else your social media vice may be). However, this is most likely going to affect you negatively. What you post on social media is never really gone, even when you delete it (yes, I’m also talking about snapchat). Even if you think your facebook is private there are always ways for your posts to be seen and they can be used against you when it comes to settlements and/or litigation. Oversharing can also affect your professional life as well (does your boss really need to know you caught your husband cheating by going through his dirty clothes?). You also do not want your friends and family reading your negative comments about your soon to be ex because it forces them to pick sides. Social media can be a great support system to connect with people and ask for advice. If your mad or sad feel free to share, just don’t be specific and overshare because that can lead to even bigger issues.


This post was written by Maria Tilkens