September 19, 2016 9:02 pm

Fall is here! The kids are back to school and everyone else is back to their normal routine. One of the hardest parts of September is trying to get back in the swing of things. With school, dance class, soccer practice, or whatever else your kids are doing it’s hard to set aside time to get things done (like cook dinner and not have pizza every night…). Today’s day in age we have no excuse why we can’t be organized with all the technology.

Here are the best smart phone apps for organization/planning:

  1. Checklist App:  A simple check list can be all you need to remember sometimes! You can create your own or choose for pre-made lists.
  2. Weeknight Meal Planner: This app gives you 5 complete weeknight dinner plans each week!
  3. ReQuall: This is the ultimate smart app! This app allows you to tell your phone what you need to do (go shopping, pick up the dry cleaners etc.) The app will analyze what you’ve told it, decide which type of task it is, and makes your lists appropriately! It will even remind you to pick up the dry cleaning or whatever the task by time and when you get close to the location!
  4. Cozi: Cozi is a scheduling app that allows parents to post and share calendars/schedules. Perfect for co-parenting!


This post was written by sperling