November 25, 2015 8:02 am

I know that when you are in the process of divorcing, it can be hard to find anything to be thankful for. I understand the holiday’s for most people are the most stressful time of the year. Add in divorce, custody battles, financial stresses of being two families instead of one and it can about drive you to the edge. It is hard to step back and look at your life objectively, to see the whole picture instead of the broken parts. Imagine, if you could see what you have to be thankful for from the eyes of another. Is your child healthy? Do you have enough to eat? Do you have a roof to shelter you, heat to keep you warm? A family or friends that love and care for you? If you can answer yes to these, think how thankful you could be.
The events unraveling around the world have me stop, take a moment to reflect, pause and close my eyes to see what it is I am surrounded by. Try to do this in your life, to breathe and take a moment from the chaos of the events surrounding your divorce and be thankful for what you still have. Sometimes, this is when we can find the courage, the hope for our future to let go and move forward.
Give yourself permission to take a vacation from the legal whirlwind of your life and set it down, even if only for a day.

This post was written by sperling