November 5, 2015 8:34 am

Divorce is a time of change, of letting go and of moving forward. When you embrace the change, let go and move forward it frees you and your children. This time of year is about traditions and making memories and it is time to start making new traditions and new memories. Write yourself a list of what you have always wanted to do, that your spouse didn’t want to do and you always yearned to try then pick one and go do it!  Have a turducken for your holiday dinner, cut down your own Christmas tree, go out to a special restaurant and reduce the stress of having to cook for 20. You get to decide, this is your new life! Involve your children, ask them what “one” thing they would like to do different this year, pick out a new ornament for the tree, or a new menorah for the mantel and each year you bring it out you will have good memories while you look back. That is all we really want this time of year, good memories and a reason to look to the future.
Coming up, how to cope when your children are not with you on a special holiday.

This post was written by sperling