October 30, 2015 9:21 am

The season of merriment , joy and family coming together is upon us. Now, if you’re recently separated or newly divorced it might not conjure images of merriment and joy but rather of anxiety and stress. Decisions that at one time were made jointly as to where to eat Thanksgiving dinner, whose family to spend Christmas with have now become hotbeds of hostility and anger. Most of us do not welcome change easily especially when it comes to holiday traditions. We find comfort in the sameness, that each year we will pull out decorations laden with memories, that special Thanksgiving Turkey platter, the menorah passed down from great grandparents, but what if you no longer have them? How will you help your children adjust to the fact that it just will not be the same this year? How will you cope when it is “your turn” to not have the kids? This series will help answer some of these questions and I hope will help to alleviate some of the turmoil and pitfalls that as separate families we tend to encounter. Stay tuned for Part 2, Making New Memories.

This post was written by sperling