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"Set your expectations very high - for that is what you shall get

Knowledgeable of not only the intricacies of divorce law but also of the prevailing tendencies of each of the judges. That is what sets Tom apart. That combined with his thorough attention to every detail, ability to answer any and all questions about our case, ability to speculate on what-if scenarios, and his exemplary responsiveness throughout the process, manifested itself into a exactly what you want. A FAIR AND PREDICTABLE OUTCOME WITH NO SURPRISES. Our court appearances before the judge were never ones of worry for me, but more the simple ratification of the outcomes which Attorney Taranto said would happen in prior discussion. This type of post-court exultation is only possible when your attorney knows the statutes, knows the players, and knows what is what is reasonable, possible, and likely. Never did I fear what a judge might say on court day. We did finally settle our case, and in doing so I was very impressed by Tom taking the time to highlight the plethora of details in the document language which were overlooked that worked in our favor. I learned a lot about the process through this ordeal. Let me say this, my case was settled and was done so predominantly within the bounds of what Tom had laid out for me in my first hour of speaking with him. That was no small task considering the ever moving goal-post and overreaching tendencies of the opposition, which we thwarted. If you are in need of an excellent divorce lawyer, I recommend and implore you to take the time to meet with Tom for an initial consultation. You will walk away knowing not only what to expect in terms of how your particular case will likely play out, but what you can expect from Tom as your attorney..... a lot. I recommend him without hesitation, but don't take my word for it, go meet with him and convince yourself."

"I was really lucky to end up with Tom

Long story short, I was in a time crunch to find an attorney. I am in TX and divorce was happening in MA. Tom was extremely helpful and made me feel much better after our first consultation. Now, almost a year later, I have nothing but praise for attorney Taranto. He was very competent and experienced. He was respectful of my time and worked very hard to minimize my trips to MA. He did an excellent job of protecting my interests. Tom also did a great job of explaining the process to me in a way that I could understand. I felt better and better each time we talked because I knew I was in good hands. Also a special shout-out to his assistant, Maria. She was awesome with all the paperwork, etc. I appreciated that their office is very "electronic" oriented. We were able to do almost everything in a very efficient and organized way using some well thought out online processes. Maria was also very professional but patient with me when I sometimes was late with info. Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed with attorney Thomas Taranto."

"My burden is finally lifted!

After months (years!) of attempting alimony relief from the court, Attorney Taranto helped me establish a settlement process as soon as we met. I was delighted with his knowledge of the current laws, his candor regarding all the individuals involved, and his responsiveness to my requests, especially when I was confused as to the legal process. In addition, his legal assistant Maria was efficient, proferssional and more than helpful. I would recommend Thama Taranto without hesitation as an excellent divorce attorney. Thanks again, Tom!"

"Divorce & Custody

Tom is one of the most outstanding people I have ever met! His integrity is without question and advise thoughtful and comprehensive. I was continually impressed with his superior knowledge of the law and accounting practices as we navigated my difficult divorce case. I always was glad he was my attorney and not the opposing council! I never had to remind him of important issues and he seemed to know just when and how to address them through the case. His associate, Maria, is equally outstanding and when you team these two fantastic people up you can do no better! Regardless of your gender feel confident Tom and Maria are working as hard as anyone can to settle your case efficiently and as favorably as possible. I have never felt more supported and represented."

"Excellent Attorney! Extremely professional and knowledgeable.

I consulted with Mr. Taranto about child support, custody and visitation. He was extremely competent, professional and knowledgeable, and I felt very comfortable knowing he's been through divorce and custody with his own children. I had met with another attorney a few days before, but he lacked Mr. Taranto's firmness and empathy. I'd highly recommend him."

"Attorney Taranto Understands

Tom is an excellent advocate, and when I was going through my divorce, I knew that I had hired the right attorney when he worked day and night to make sure that my children and I would be fine through the entire process. He understood where I was coming from because he went through a divorce himself, and definitely knew his material. I will not go to another attorney because of how strong Tom's work ethic is. I can't recommend him enough."

"Simply, the best!

I hired Tom to handle my divorce case from the start. I knew I would be leaving for Afghanistan and did not pursue custody at that that time, however it became clear that was the road we were going to have to go down. Even from Afghanistan, Tom communicated clearly with me, helped me understand each and every step of the process. I worked closely with Tom for over three years. He was patient and understanding, even when my patience and understanding were at an end. His honesty, hard work, knowledge of the law and his keen courtroom skills enabled me to have full custody of my children. My family and I will be forever thankful."

"Divorce was easy with Attorney Taranto

He made the toughest time in my life easier through his expansive knowledge on divorce and was a pleasure to have as an attorney. He understands what a client wants in a divorce and works hard to achieve that goal. Highly recommended!"

"Great lawyer! Extremely smart, cares so much about clients

I wasted $15k on other lawyers before I worked with Tom. He is a great advocate!"

Review of Thomas J. Taranto

"Tom is an excellent lawyer. You know he stands by you and is on your side. He does his homework. He knows his stuff. He returns calls in a reasonable time. Is very clear and communicative and proactive. I highly recommend Mr. Taranto. I can't say enough about how much he has helped me. So I give him 5 stars all the way around because I got lucky when I chose him for my lawyer. You won't be disappointed if you go with Tom."