How to break the news

When you have children and are thinking about divorcing one of the first things you worry about is how this is going to effect the kids. Staying in a bad marriage “for the sake of the children” is definitely not the answer and can actually cause more harm than good. However, it is very important how and when you break the news of the divorce to them. It is likely a moment they will remember for the rest of their lives.

  • Put a lot of thought into the time in place. You don’t want to bring it up during an argument or when your kid(s) are already having a rough day.
  • Tell the whole family at the same time. If you tell an older child first the word will likely get around before you get the chance to break the news to everybody and you do not want your youngest finding out from their siblings.
  • Write out what you are going to say first.
  • Be honest about the situation (within reason). Make sure your kids know that you were in a happy marriage, but people change and are sometimes happier when they are not together. It doesn’t mean you love them any less and you will always still be a family.
  • Make sure they know this is not their fault.
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