Does what you wear to court matter?

YES! What you wear to court definitely matters. Many types of clothing are actually not allowed in the court room and even if you wear something that’s “allowed” you may be giving off the wrong impression.

Women should wear:

Business and/or church attire consisting of dress pants and a blouse, sweater or casual dress shirt, conservative dress and/or skirt (preferably no more than two inches above the knee)! Women should wear business attire shoes (no flip flops!) and should remove all piercings (with the exception of small earrings) and wear conservative amounts of jewelry, especially if she is claiming to have limited income.

Men should wear:

Shoes with socks, dress pants with a collared shirt and optional jacket. If the pants feature a belt loop, wear a belt and tuck in the shirt (and preferably wear a tie as well)!

What NOT to wear:

  • shorts
  • flip flops
  • See-through shirts
  • halter/tube tops
  • ripped pants
  • baggy pants
  • clothes that promotes illegal or inappropriate activity
  • clothing that promotes violence, sexual acts, drugs or alcohol


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