Keeping the Holidays Bright! (Even going through a divorce)

One major holiday down and now we’re off to the merriest (and most expensive!) holiday yet! Here a few tips to help you survive the holiday season and hopefully still enjoy yourself!

In the U.S. one divorce occurs every 36 seconds, that’s a total of 876,000 divorces per year (Mckinley Irvin Family Law, 2012)! Plenty of people are going through the same things you are. The best tips for the holidays are to:

  • Start planning early! If you’re doing the “holiday swap” and you got the kids for thanksgiving you know that your soon-to-be ex is getting the kids for at least the majority of the day for Christmas. If you didn’t previously make an arrangement start talking about it now! Sometimes you’ll need a week or two to come up with the best plan and you don’t want to just be figuring it out on Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas is for the kids so try your best to save the drama! Not everything needs to be planned for the “actual” holiday. If you don’t get the kids for Christmas dinner, plan a big family dinner the week before. Nobody said Christmas should only be celebrated on December 25th.
  • Take some of the money out of Christmas! It has become such a hallmark holiday that many kids don’t think of much beyond presents. I’m not saying don’t buy your kids some presents (Santa has to come!), but don’t give them a toy catalog and have them circle every single toy. Try to help them to learn the bigger meaning of the holiday season of spending time with family and friends. Take them ice skating, build a gingerbread house, bake cookies, watch holiday movies in your pjs and have hot cocoa!
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