Thanksgiving and Divorce

Thanksgiving is a great time of year because it’s a time to spend with family (and sometimes that can also be a negative aspect!) and it’s socially acceptable to eat way more food then normal. However when your divorced (or currently going through a divorce) it can be challenging. Do you still have thanksgiving together if your currently going through a divorce? If you just got divorced how do you decide who gets the kids? There is no right answer for everyone, but here are some tips to help make it a little easier.

  1. Do the holiday swap. One year you don’t get the kids on thanksgiving, but you get them on Christmas and the next you switch. This seen as one of the “fairest” ways (and easiest if you and your ex don’t live close by), but it can be hard to have any major holiday away from the kids so if that doesn’t work for you…
  2. …attempt to split the holiday. This obviously only works if you and your ex live close by and although it can seem like a hassle, it can actually be pretty fun and keeps your kids from not being overwhelmed by either side of the family. The kids can spent the morning with one parent and have thanksgiving “lunch” (anywhere from 1-3) and then go to the next parent for dinner.
  3. Just started the divorce process? If your kids are young you might as well spend one last holiday all together. Obviously this works best if neither you or your ex are in a serious relationship.
  4. Get everyone together for dessert! Alright so I know you definitely don’t want to spend your thanksgiving with your ex and his/her new significant other, but if you guys get along relatively well why try not to get everyone together after dinner so the kids can have part of the holiday with both parents? Getting together for dessert is way less of a time commitment then having dinner together.
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