Health insurance is definitely a necessity (and can be very expensive!) so an obvious question would be “can I stay on my ex’s health insurance after we’re divorced?” The short answer is no and yes at the same time. Your kids definitely can stay on it, but the ex-spouse is a different story.

An ex-spouse can stay on their previous partner’s insurance plan, temporarily, if they qualify for COBRA. COBRA coverage generally applies to all health plans that are maintained by private-sector employers who have 20 or more employees, or by state or local governments. This typically does not apply to health care plans sponsored by the federal government, churches or many church-related organizations. Some states may even have similar laws for companies with under 20 employees.

Your ex-spouse’s employer is required to provide this coverage as long as you notify the health care provider within 60 days of divorce. Without proper notice, you may not be covered. COBRA does end within 36 months so you will have to plan ahead and start looking for your own insurance, but in the mean time it is a viable solution!

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