Expectations and your case.

When client’s come to our office for a consultation to obtain a divorce, they frequently have preconceived notions about what divorce is, the end result they want for their case, and what they will be taking with them at the end of their divorce. This is why it is imperative to create expectations that are realistic.
Please remember that your Attorney does not have a crystal ball to see the future results of your individual case. Your Attorney should, based on experience and time spent practicing divorce and family law be able to give you an idea of what “could” happen. Although the courts follow the laws that govern your case, each Judge synthesizes information differently and will see your case differently than your friend’s Judge.
It is also important to remember that any Attorney who tells you they can get you 100% of what you want is just trying to get you to sign a fee agreement. A great Attorney will help you align your wants, needs and hopes with realistic expectations.

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