You sit down to fill out the financial forms before your court day, and the form and your lawyer ask you to list all your assets, yes ALL your assets. At this time you might be tempted to not tell them about that bank account you set up before you left your spouse, the sports car you bought after you left and are sure your spouse knows nothing about, that retirement account you started before you were married, well DON’T. If you think your soon to be ex thinks you are a liar wait until the Judge finds out you lied. Financial forms are signed under the pains and penalties of perjury, which can render some hefty consequences if you choose to just leave off that account. Judges have been known to award a larger share of the marital assets, attorney’s fees, and in rare cases jail. And, let’s be honest your spouse was married to you , they know how you conducted yourself during the marriage, they better than anyone know your honesty level. In the long run hiding any asset will cost you more in legal fees, and make your case all the more difficult to settle. So before you start fibbing like Pinocchio remember it may not be your nose that gets longer but the length and cost of your divorce action.

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