So, you have your house in order. You have gathered all the important documents, now what? Do I tell my spouse that I want a divorce, do I meet with an Attorney first?
Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, only you know how your spouse will react. Remember this though, when navigating a divorce, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. It can’t hurt to meet with an Attorney, to see what your options are, to get a feel for the whole process. Divorce can be very tricky, and having a knowledgeable Attorney at your side to protect your interests is always a plus.
Now finding an Attorney. Are your temples throbbing with an oncoming headache at the mere thought? Have no fear, with some patience, a little homework and some nerves of steel, you will find the right one for you. There are many great tools for finding your “perfect match” You can try contacting your local Bar Association or use an online resource such as AVVO which rates lawyers on a scale from 1-10. But most importantly, listen to your gut. If you have lost it along the way, it’s time to rediscover it. The person you ultimately choose will be by your side during one of the hardest time of your life. Choose carefully, choose wisely, and remember you are in charge of your life from this point on.

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